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It is winter over here in the Netherlands. As busy I am during all other seasons with my macro subjects, so little I have to photograph now. The thing is, I have not found my macro subjects in winter yet. I would love to photograph ice or snow details with moody sunsets or sunrises, but these conditions simply are not here now. And I guess when they would arrive they won’t come at the right time for me. I would have too little time or I would not be prepared. And then there is another important thing, namely: I don’t like the cold. When I am cold, I am not at ease.  And when I am not at ease, I can not think straight in photographic sense.

All good reasons to ‘just’ relax and cocoon in winter. I love cocooning. And hey, I do have to regain my energy for the upcoming spring. Also so many pictures are waiting to be edited. It’s a good thing I love editing while cocooning and relaxing…

Winter time is also the perfect time for presenting my work to the outer world. In order to protect my much beloved ‘resting’ winter period, I only give presentations sparingly. After all, they cost me lots of energy and nerves. The Dutch photoclub VNF NoordWest Overijssel en Flevoland has asked me to give a presentation last Tuesday 12th of February. I did enjoy the evening and judging the reactions of the visitors, they did too. Mission accomplished!

All pictures are taken by Edwin Giesbers.

Macro PiXperience II

I feel happy looking back on the Macro PiXperience yesterday. Thanks go to Daan Schoonhoven for organizing and inviting me. I was so proud standing there between photographers like Paul van Hoof, Andrew George, Johannes Klapwijk, Johan van de Watering, Leon Baas, Ron Poot, Bart Stornebrink, Jaap Schelvis, Arjen Drost, Jogchum Reitsma, Jeroen Stel, Joris van Alphen en Paul Klaver. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to visit all you presentations, but I did enjoy every presentation I attended. Many thanks go to Johan van de Watering, who was willing to interview me. You did great Johan!

Also I received so many positive reactions from visitors, thanks a lot, these are so much appreciated!

Macro PiXperience I

PiXperience is the biennial nature photography event of Birdpix and Nederpix. On March 1 2014 there will be a special Macro PiXperience which will be held in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. This day will be completely focused on macro photography and will be filled with inspiring and practical lectures, presentations and seminars.
I will be among the participants and will be giving a presentation in which I have the honor to be interviewed by my much appreciated and talented colleague Johan Van de Watering (who himself also will be giving a presentation). I will be doing some explanations about my working methods and I will be showing some audio visual presentations. Read more about the program here.

During the Macro PiXperience on March 1 the new Praktijkboek Macrofotografie will be presented. This macro book of Birdpix and Nederpix is telling and showing all ‘ins and outs’ about macro photography. It’s written in Dutch and it counts no less than 192 pages. There also will be a small interview with me in the book. More info about the book here.


Inspiration Natur Presentation II

What a week-end that was! The Stapelfelder Fototage are now one week behind us. Willi Rolfes and Dr. Martin Feltes had it all sorted out so well. The program was filled with great and interesting participants. It was such an great honor to be among these lectures and photographers. I enjoyed everyone of them. Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures and stories!

From left top to right under: Willi Rolfes, Dr. Martin Stock, Stephan Tüngler, Misja Smits, Dieter Damschen, Dr. Martin Feltes, Dr. Peter Wernicke, Stefan Christmann, Klaus Nigge,  Hans Strand

From left top to right under: Willi Rolfes, Dr. Martin Stock, Stephan Tüngler, Misja Smits, Dieter Damschen, Dr. Martin Feltes, Dr. Peter Wernicke, Stefan Christmann, Klaus Nigge, Hans Strand.

Me during the presentation

Luckily for me there was Kevin Winterhoff who was willing to translate me. I had therefore the privilege to speak in my own language Dutch, and Kevin translated my words into German. And don’t forget about Karl-Heinz Georgi, the man sitting behind us. He was the man of the techniques, and he did great. Thanks to him every presentation went smoothly and without complications.

Inspiration Natur Presentation I

Willi Rolfes invited me to the ‘Stapelfelder Fototage‘ in Germany, which take place from 14 till 16 February 2014 in the Katholische Akademie Stapelfeld in Cloppenburg. This year the theme of the festival, which will be held for the third time, is the inspiring force of nature. Therefore the title of the festival is ‘Inspiration Natur 2014’.
On Saturday 15 February I will be giving a presentation in which I will be showing some audio visual shows and also I will be doing some explanation about my working methods in the field.
Read more about the festival and its participants.

inspiration natur 1