Monthly Archives: February 2015


It is winter over here in the Netherlands. As busy I am during all other seasons with my macro subjects, so little I have to photograph now. The thing is, I have not found my macro subjects in winter yet. I would love to photograph ice or snow details with moody sunsets or sunrises, but these conditions simply are not here now. And I guess when they would arrive they won’t come at the right time for me. I would have too little time or I would not be prepared. And then there is another important thing, namely: I don’t like the cold. When I am cold, I am not at ease.  And when I am not at ease, I can not think straight in photographic sense.

All good reasons to ‘just’ relax and cocoon in winter. I love cocooning. And hey, I do have to regain my energy for the upcoming spring. Also so many pictures are waiting to be edited. It’s a good thing I love editing while cocooning and relaxing…

Winter time is also the perfect time for presenting my work to the outer world. In order to protect my much beloved ‘resting’ winter period, I only give presentations sparingly. After all, they cost me lots of energy and nerves. The Dutch photoclub VNF NoordWest Overijssel en Flevoland has asked me to give a presentation last Tuesday 12th of February. I did enjoy the evening and judging the reactions of the visitors, they did too. Mission accomplished!

All pictures are taken by Edwin Giesbers.