Monthly Archives: July 2015

Accidental encounters

In my early years of nature photography (I am talking about 10-13 years ago now) I just went out into the field to shoot and I didn’t care whatever it was I was focusing my macro lens on. In fact, often I didn’t even know the names of the animals and flowers that were my photo models. Luckily there was always my boyfriend Edwin who has lots of nature knowledge and came in handy for the determination. During the last years this free way of going into the field has slowly developed into more planned trips with known subjects in advance. I never thought consciously about this change, it just happened. By the way, I think this is a good thing. It means I am changing, and so is my photography. Change is good, it means I am not standing still. I would hate to look back on my photography and discover that I am now making the same pictures as say 10 years ago. But let’s stick to my topic. Both photo approaches have there own advantages and disadvantages. I think many photographers will recognize this. Going into nature without any goal ore subject means I have no expectations so everything I shoot is like a nice bonus. On the other hand I am not really challenging myself which may result in so called mediocre photos. During the planned trips however my mind is fully occupied with the expected subject which makes me concentrated to work on a good picture. The negative side of this approach is that it makes it difficult to notice let alone photograph any other interesting objects. Moreover my plans don’t always work out and the ensuing disappointment provides me with a restless spirit which is no good for creative pictures.

Back to the here and now. This summer is a crazy one. Nothing goes as planned. Neither the weather nor my photo subjects. I guess this is how it goes with nature photography and I am still doing my best to get used to it. After all, I am a person of habits… In the meantime, while going through my material of the past months, I discovered many so called ‘accidental encounters’ with insects. These pictures were all made while looking for other plants or insects or during trips with no planned subjects in my mind. Until a while ago each of these photos on its own was oké for me but nothing more than that. I was so fixed on my planned subjects that I undervalued them. Now, while seeing them all together in the category ‘accidental encounters’ they are coming alive and they are worth sharing with you. So hereby I would like to reinstate and bring an ode to the ‘accidental encounters’!

Meadow Brown