Just to let you know that I have not completely abandoned my macro subjects ( maybe you remember my last post of the flamingos), I’d like to share with you some relatively recent shots from Corfu. Edwin and I visited this Greek island in April of this year. Our main photographic goal here were the ‘orchids’. Now… as with many things in life, once arrived we soon realized we had to adjust this goal. Turned out there were almost no orchids to be found… Even in one of the orchid ‘hotspots’, the cemetery in the capital Corfu, the present orchids could be counted on one hand… We heard from visitors that it had been a long and cold winter with even snowfall, a rare happening on Corfu. 

So… OK… bad luck I guess… But hey it was our holiday so no grieving allowed! While treasuring every orchid we encountered we also opened our mind for other photographic opportunities. For example we discovered a lot of tiny grasshoppers in the flowers. Probably due to the low temperatures they were very good approachable. Ideal to use my new macro conversion lens which made it possible to focus very close.  At least… I thought so… Now I do have to warn you: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Unless you like to torture yourself with hundreds of failed photos which are out of focus of course… The very tiny depth of sharpness almost made it impossible to take any decent pictures, that is in the field without a tripod. Now I am persistent so I kept using it during our stay but I seriously doubt whether I’ll ever use it again. In the end most successful photos were taken with the sharpness not in the most nearby area, so I might just as well have taken the pictures without the extra macro lens.

Nevertheless luckily there are some shots which I am satisfied with! 

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Chances are big you are visiting my blog because you want to see some astonishing new macro pictures… 😉 Sorry, not this time no! 

Still with me now? Great! Let me tickle you with something completely different. With another subject and another approach. No macro lens used, instead a télé lens. No large lens apertures, instead very small ones. No decent manageable shutter speeds, instead very slow ones. No tripod, instead a constantly moving camera. 

I’m guessing you’ve scrolled down by now to see what I’m talking about. Although the shown pictures are blurry, moved or out of focus, you have surely detected my subject: the Flamingos… I have visited these graceful and impressive birds in the Camargue (south of France) twice now, once in autumn and once in spring. Both times were amazing. Although I did take ‘normal’ pictures I felt more need to take ‘other’ pictures. Pictures that speak to my imagination, pictures that move me, pictures that appeal to my feelings. The Flamingos with their soft colors, their majestic shapes, their ballerina like movements were just ideal for these kind of pictures. They extremely impressed me and observing them they challenged me to make ‘other’ pictures than I’m used to. 

Just sharing some pictures with you now. Hoping to challenge you too!…

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Happy NewYear

Hi there you all!

Yep, it is a fact, 2019 is here. To celebrate this new year I’d like to share the photo below with you. It was taken last May, during my holiday in Tenerife. Tenerife is great. I saw a lot, I enjoyed a lot.

Now generally to see and photograph a lot you would think you have to walk or move a lot. You would think you have to visit this and that place, preferably as much as possible within one day, while carrying heavy photo gear with you. For a while now I am realizing that this is so NOT the case with me. Walking and enjoying, a big yes! But walking and photographing my favorite macro subjects such as insects and flowers, a big no! 

Small subjects require time and rest. And this is exactly what I had during my ‘relax’ hours in the garden of our hotel. The colors and form of this beautiful tropical flower called Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) attracted me to come closer. It was only after zooming in on my Iphone shot that I noticed little ants on the plant. 

This was the moment! Time to get my macro lens and get serious! Easier said than done though. Man, these ants were small. And man, they were fast! And yep, I like to work with open aperture because of the desired small depth of field and also because this is the only way to shoot with short shutter speeds which I need for these little speedy gonzales types. But I also work with a full frame sensor (Nikon D610) meaning my field of depth with open aperture is REALLY small. Any way, no one said it would be easy and a few hours and days later I finally managed to take some satisfying photos. The photo below is one of them, I call it: ‘Tiny and mighty’.

Wishing you all a great 2019, with hopefully some time and rest to get caught and surprised by our tiny and mighty insects!

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Article Natuurfotografie Magazine

Hi there! Hope you’re all doing fine! 

The Dutch nature photomagazine ‘Natuurfotografie Magazine‘ has asked me for a contribution in their latest edition, nr. 5  2018. With pleasure! The article concerned is called ‘De rugzak van…’, meaning: ‘The photo backpack from…’.  With a few words and pictures I am giving you some insight to not only my photo equipment, but also to some of my personal thoughts while being in the field. Now available in the Dutch shops!

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Cover and portfolio Focus

I have something real awesome to share with you! The Dutch magazine Focus, which is the oldest and most leading photography magazine of my home country the Netherlands, now has published a portfolio of 8 pages featuring my macro photos in nr. 4, April 2018. But that’s not all! Also the cover  (a tree frog shot in costa Rica) is one of my photos! Really happy with this exposure, it feels like getting an enormous present! 

Click here to see the full article.

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