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Portfolio Naturfoto

I have some good news to share with you. This year the German nature photography magazine NaturFoto has decided to feature me for the second time with a portfolio! To refresh your (and my) memory: the first time goes back to March 2012 and shows a combination of insects, flowers and toadstools. This time my portfolio shows a more focused subject, namely the Orchids in Crete. I visited this Greek island in April of 2015. So thrilled now to see a collection of my pictures back in NaturFoto! Check out my publication page towards the end of May to see the entire article. 


So very happy and proud to share with you some really good news. This year an American calendar for 2017 has been created with featuring only my pictures! The calendar is called ‘A return to love’ and is created by the internationally known American Marianne Williamson, who is a spiritual author and lecturer. The calendar accompanies her New York Times bestseller ‘A return to love’. The chosen pictures are paired with encouraging words of Marianne and show various themes such as birds, toadstools, flowers and insects.

Unfolded the calendar measures 30×60 cm. The images themselves are 30×30 cm. Might you be interested to buy one, my photo agency Buiten-Beeld is offering the calendar here.

Publication Agenda Iris

I was very pleased and felt honored that the digital Spanish magazine Agenda Iris (from Aefona) asked me to contribute to their nr. 17 issuu of 2016. This is now my first Spanish publication, yeh! It is a beautiful magazine with plenty of room for all pictures to stand out. It is a real joy to be among all of these great photograpers. But most of all it was a real pleasure working with Félix Gil, a very friendly team member of the magazine and my contact person during the period prior to the publication. Thank you Félix and Javier Alonso Torre for giving me this opportunity!

Click here to see the full article or here to see the full magazine.

Publication Camera Natura

So very happy with my first Swedish publication in the beautiful magazine Camera Natura. The article is featuring 10 pages with a selection of some of my macro images including toadstools, flowers and insects. It is a combination of ‘old’ and new work. Now Swedish is not a language I understand, so let’s hope it’s all positive… 😉 I for sure can have peace with the opening title ‘Spectacle of Nature’ (thank you google translate)!

Click here to see the full article.

Camera Natura nr. 2 2016

Publication Nat’Images

I am very happy and proud with a brand new publication of my macro images in the June/July issue (nr 38) of the French magazine Nat’Images! The 8 pages counting publication is featuring some of my flowers, toadstools and insects and is now available in the shops. See the full article here.

Publication Nat'Images