Chances are big you are visiting my blog because you want to see some astonishing new macro pictures… 😉 Sorry, not this time no! 

Still with me now? Great! Let me tickle you with something completely different. With another subject and another approach. No macro lens used, instead a télé lens. No large lens apertures, instead very small ones. No decent manageable shutter speeds, instead very slow ones. No tripod, instead a constantly moving camera. 

I’m guessing you’ve scrolled down by now to see what I’m talking about. Although the shown pictures are blurry, moved or out of focus, you have surely detected my subject: the Flamingos… I have visited these graceful and impressive birds in the Camargue (south of France) twice now, once in autumn and once in spring. Both times were amazing. Although I did take ‘normal’ pictures I felt more need to take ‘other’ pictures. Pictures that speak to my imagination, pictures that move me, pictures that appeal to my feelings. The Flamingos with their soft colors, their majestic shapes, their ballerina like movements were just ideal for these kind of pictures. They extremely impressed me and observing them they challenged me to make ‘other’ pictures than I’m used to. 

Just sharing some pictures with you now. Hoping to challenge you too!…

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