Macro PiXperience II

I feel happy looking back on the Macro PiXperience yesterday. Thanks go to Daan Schoonhoven for organizing and inviting me. I was so proud standing there between photographers like Paul van Hoof, Andrew George, Johannes Klapwijk, Johan van de Watering, Leon Baas, Ron Poot, Bart Stornebrink, Jaap Schelvis, Arjen Drost, Jogchum Reitsma, Jeroen Stel, Joris van Alphen en Paul Klaver. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to visit all you presentations, but I did enjoy every presentation I attended. Many thanks go to Johan van de Watering, who was willing to interview me. You did great Johan!

Also I received so many positive reactions from visitors, thanks a lot, these are so much appreciated!

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