Monthly Archives: August 2015

Exposition Saint-Hubert

This summer Saint Hubert, a village located in the Belgian Ardennes, is the center of an outdoor photo exposition, called ‘Les étés de la photo”. More than 30 nature photographers such as Sandra Bartocha, Jérôme Pruniaux, Bastien Riu, Constant Couteille, Philippe Moës, and many others including myself are exposing. I feel honored and happy to be a part of this exhibition with 9 of my toadstool pictures. Unfortunately I have no chance to visit the forests of Saint Hubert to see the pictures, which are printed on large format of 120×150 cm, with my own eyes. Luckily there was this facebookfriend of mine, Danny Timmermans, who was so kind to take some pictures for me. Thanks Danny!

All pictures taken by Danny Timmermans.