Monthly Archives: October 2014

Award GDT

Happy! For the fourth time I have won an award in the German photo contest of the GDT, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. This time it is a second prize, a Runner up, in the category Other Animals. It is the image ‘Showtime’ showing three Banded darters waking up in the early morning on blades of grass. Picture was taken in September 2012.

I would have loved to join the award ceremony and the festival, but unfortunately I was prevented at the very last moment. What a shame. Nevertheless I feel extremely honored to be one of the winners. Nowadays with so many good pictures send in, chances of winning are getting smaller and smaller every year. Congrats to all the other winners! Feel free to take a look at all the winning images.

'Showtime' GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014, Runner Up

Cover Roots Magazine

The Dutch magazine Roots has again used one of my images to display on their cover of November 2014. It’s an autumn image of a squirrel sitting next to a huge toadstool, taken in 2012. I remember taking this picture very well. I still smell the autumn scent from back then, and I still hear the rustle of leaves every time the squirrel appeared from out of nowhere. It is an honor to see this image on the cover, and I hope the readers can sense some of this autumn pleasure as well.

Cover Roots magazine November 2014

Book Cover

It is always nice to see one of your images being used for publication, but I was particularly fond of this one, because it is my very first book cover. A striking and nice detail is that the book has nothing to do with nature photography. The picture in question though is an abstract image of bio film, taken in Austria in 2011. The writer is the Dutch writer Margriet Wentink and the book is published by Akasha. Thank you so much guys and I wish you all the best with the publication of the book.

Book cover Margriet Wentink