Book Small Surprising

As some of you might know, I have published a so called ‘book on demand’ in 2011, called ‘Small Surprising’. It contains a large collection of my macro pictures, captured until the date of issue in 2011. Thanks to this book on demand principle I have sold quite some books personally and hand signed.

Now this selling method is becoming too much time consuming and too labor intensive. So sadly enough I have to quit selling my book in this way. I do have some good news at the same time, namely that it still is possible to buy my book by means of ordering it in the Blurb book store. Unfortunately without a signature, but on the other hand printed in very good quality. And of course I am always willing to sign a book (might we ever meet) that is bought in the Blurb books store.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who bought a book of me in the past. I am thrilled and honored by your interest and I have enjoyed each and every delivery.

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