Parkinson calendar

Earlier this year, in March, I received an e-mail of the director of the German Parkinson Association, Friedrich Mehrhoff. He had visited my exposition in Stapelfeld and was excited about my pictures. He asked me if I would cooperate with him, while using my pictures, to fabricate a calender for 2015 to distribute among his parkinson patients. He was eager to use my pictures because he thought my photos could bring over some kind of positive feeling and therefore possibly contribute to the joy of life among his members. I can not explain how honored I felt. This is really a huge compliment. If any of his Parkinson patients experiences only the slightest joy while seeing my pictures, I am in heaven. Really.

Now in May he and his companions visited me at home. I was nervous because of the high level of the visit. But both he and his companions, Rüdiger and Bettina Muhl, turned out to be more than kind. It didn’t take long for me to feel at ease. We had a nice chat and already selected some images for the calendar.

On the picture below: Sitting next to me: the director Friedrich Mehrhoff. On the left of the picture: Rüdiger and Bettina Muhl. Picture taken by Edwin Giesbers.

Now the calender is printed and ready to be distributed among the members of the German Parkinson Association. I am truly happy with this calender, and many thanks go to the director Friedrich Mehrhoff and his companions Rüdiger and Bettina Muhl. Click here to see the full calendar.

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