A brand new website

It is time to say goodbye to my website on www.pbase.com. Normally I find it quite unpleasant to say goodbye, but luckily it’s less difficult when something new comes instead…
Since I have focused more and more on macro photography over the past years, I thought it would be a suitable thing to set up a new website that is entirely dedicated to my specialism, macro photography.
Also I decided to quit my monthly picture. But.. no worries, I’ll keep you informed on a regular basis with new pictures and all kind of novelties in my brand new ‘news’ page.
Many thanks go to René van Dam (RvDam) who built the website for me in such a short time. I am pretty sure I can speak for the both of us when I say we worked like crazy to have the website finished before my solo exposition in Germany (more about this in the coming news section).
Surely my ‘eye for detail’, which is of such a good use during photo shooting, must have driven René desperately from time to time… Nevertheless we can look back on a successful co-operation and I hereby proudly announce my new website to be online!

new website

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