limited fine art printsLimited Fine Art Prints

Misja will be offering a part of her oeuvre as limited fine art prints.

All prints will be made with a Durst Lambda laser printer. This is a modern LightJet technique which combines digital light exposure with real photographic paper and traditional chemical processing. The LightJet printer exposes a digital image directly to the paper using red, green and blue laser beams.
All images are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II glossy paper, 220gram, which is one of the highest quality archival photographic papers. This high quality photo paper ensures an extremely wide color range, sharpness, brilliance and has the highest rating for image longevity, up to 70 years.
It is the combination of traditional and well tested development and modern techniques that guarantees unique gallery prints of the highest quality.

All pictures shown on this website in the categorie GALLERIE and AWARDS will be available as limited prints.

The limited editions go as following:

  • 40×60 cm (15) and 2 a.p. (15,7×23,6 inch)    €349,00
  • 60×90 cm (10) and 2 a.p. (23,6 x35,4 inch)    €549,00
  • 80×120 cm (10) and 2 a.p. (31,5x 47,2 inch)    €749,00

All prices are inclusive VAT and exclusive shipping costs.
Prices can increase when a part of the edition has been sold.
Delivery will take about two till four weeks, depending on which country you order from.
All prints will be carefully inspected, hand signed and numbered by Misja.

If you have any questions at all or if you want to order a photo, please feel free to contact Misja. She then will answer you as soon as possible.