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Small Surprising

In 2011 Misja published her first book called Small Surprising. It contains 128 pages and shows a large collection of her macro pictures captured until then.

The book is available in three versions;

  • Paperback  €39,95
  • Hardcover with dust cover  €49,95
  • Hardcover with imageWrap  €51,95

All books are sized 20×25 cm (8×10 inch). Prices are exclusive VAT and shipping costs.  For viewing the entire book and for placing orders please click here.

Book review:

A real indication of the possibilities ofself-publishing, Smits has crafted a
beautifully simple photographic journey into the miniature wonders of nature.
With just one line of text in the entire publication, Small Surprising is a visual
love letter to the flora and fauna that keep our planet going and our gardens
looking gorgeous. The wonderful use of macro photography brings leaves, flowers
and toadstools to life, pulling out details and luxuriating in their perfect, too rarely
appreciated and easily missed beauty. In a life overpowered by the
exhausting daily grind, this collection of sumptuous images serves as a window
into a magical world happening all around us. It’s a fantastic reminder to
stop and appreciate these little marvels‘.
Outdoor Photography (United Kingdom) August 2013.