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Happy New Year

Just a few days to go before Christmas and 2015 will arrive. The past year has been extremely good to me. To name just a few highlights, there was my first exposition in Stapelfeld in Germany, my participation in the Macro PiXperience in the Netherlands, my holiday to Costa Rica together with my love Edwin Giesbers, the Parkinson calendar in Germany filled with my pictures, and of course the second prize with my picture ‘showtime’ in the GDT photo contest. Now I guess it is needless to say I have enjoyed each and every item listed above ( and a lot unnamed also).  But by far most precious to me are all the times I can get out into nature, together with Edwin, to enjoy nature and enjoy our common passion, photography. If 2015 only will bring me again these moments, it now already is a success to me.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas a Happy New Year, with all the luck sent to you that you need.

Book Small Surprising

As some of you might know, I have published a so called ‘book on demand’ in 2011, called ‘Small Surprising’. It contains a large collection of my macro pictures, captured until the date of issue in 2011. Thanks to this book on demand principle I have sold quite some books personally and hand signed.

Now this selling method is becoming too much time consuming and too labor intensive. So sadly enough I have to quit selling my book in this way. I do have some good news at the same time, namely that it still is possible to buy my book by means of ordering it in the Blurb book store. Unfortunately without a signature, but on the other hand printed in very good quality. And of course I am always willing to sign a book (might we ever meet) that is bought in the Blurb books store.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who bought a book of me in the past. I am thrilled and honored by your interest and I have enjoyed each and every delivery.

Offering several products

During the festival Stapelfelder Fototage I will be offering my new postcard set, my book Small Surprising including the limited prints sized 20x30cm, and also 5 pictures in the size of 30x45cm. These 5 pictures are also exhibibited and are a special offer during the festival: they come in a limited edition of 30 and only cost €195,00.
The picture shown below is one of them.

Mycena spec.


To ‘celebrate’ the birth of my new website, I have put together a set of postcards to sell. This set contains 5 different pictures and only costs €14,95. Look here for more information.