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And then… finally I could go back into the fields again. Nothing better than that! I have to admit, it was only for a few hours, but sometimes that’s just enough. Despite the fact that I long for the spring, photo opportunities have been rare. So far spring has been cold, rainy and windy. Most sunny hours were there when I was not free. But to be fair with you, it didn’t bother me that much. When I think about myself lying in the cold wet field my enthusiasm rapidly decreases. And thus I have no problem with the alternative, namely cocooning at home with a hot cup of tea and my cat lying comfortably on my lap.

But back to the few hours in the field. I would like to share with you my first spring impressions of the Snowdrops. These flowers just never get bored, every year again they are fun to play with.


Awards Glanzlichter

A few months ago I received some good news: two of my pictures have received a highly commended award in the international German Glanzlichter nature photo contest 2015. Now the results are online on the Glanzlichter website and I can spread the news. It seems that this year I am the only Dutch(wo)man who won anything in the Glanzlichter photo contest.  Moreover not with one but with two pictures… I know it’s difficult to win an award in photo contests these days. Every year submissions increase so therefore the winning chances become less and less. All the more reason that I am now very happy! Congrats go to all the other winners. Take a look to see all winning images.

Below are my winning images with their description.

Good Luck (Viel Glück)

Good Luck (Viel Glück)

During my holiday to Costa Rica in April 2014, these leaves of what I believe are the leaves of the Teak tree, fascinated me. The trees were standing next to our parking place and the form of the leaves reminded me of the leaves of Four Leaf Clover, which are said to bring good luck. While pointing my camera straight up towards the leaves I searched for the right composition. Finally I managed to get one set of leaves sharp in focus and one set of leaves unsharp in the foreground. The white background is created by the white sky that morning. Later we saw a pair of macaws sitting in the trees on the other side of the parking place. Maybe this was meant to be our good luck?

Join me (Eingerahmt)

Join Me (Eingerahmt)

The Banded Demoiselles are one of my favorite insects. The males have a dark blue/black band across the central portion of their wings while their bodies are metallic blue/green. During one very early morning in August 2013 I was able to approach this male specimen at close distance while it was still resting and warming up near a brook. This particular morning there was a little bit of a fog which created the high key atmosphere with white background and diffuse light.

Opening expo Moormuseum

Last Sunday 15th March was the opening of my exhibition ‘Small Surprising’ in the Emsland Moormuseum, Geeste, Germany. It was a beautiful day. Lots of people, lots of compliments, lots of impressions. I have enjoyed it very much.

I would like to thank all people who have prepared and visited the opening, you were great. Special thanks go to the director Michael Haverkamp, to the staff of the museum, to Martin Gerenkamp, to Willi Rolfes, and José Martin.

Also special thanks to the German photo lab Cewe Color which has printed all works as direct print on aludibond.

All pictures are taken by Edwin Giesbers.

* Duration of the exhibition: from 15 March 2015 till 28 June 2015
* Emsland Moormuseum, Geestmoor 6, 49744 Geeste – Groß Hesepe, tel: +49 (0) 59 37 70 99 90,
* Read more about the exhibition.

Expo Moormuseum

Last week there were the preparations for my upcoming exhibition in the Emsland Moormuseum in Geeste, Germany. Almost 40 of my works will we exposed in large format for a period of more than three months. I feel extremely honored that the director of the museum, Michael Haverkamp, has invited me to display my works. He had visited my earlier exhibition in Stapelfeld, Germany, and was enthusiastic about my photos. Now it’s almost so far.  I am very excited and I can’t wait till the opening next Sunday 15 March.

All pictures taken by Edwin Giesbers.

* Opening of the exhibition ‘Small Surprising’ Sunday 15 March 11:00 (free entrance, feel free to join!)
* Duration of the exhibition: from 15 March 2015 till 28 June 2015
* Emsland Moormuseum, Geestmoor 6, 49744 Geeste – Groß Hesepe, tel: +49 (0) 59 37 70 99 90,


It is winter over here in the Netherlands. As busy I am during all other seasons with my macro subjects, so little I have to photograph now. The thing is, I have not found my macro subjects in winter yet. I would love to photograph ice or snow details with moody sunsets or sunrises, but these conditions simply are not here now. And I guess when they would arrive they won’t come at the right time for me. I would have too little time or I would not be prepared. And then there is another important thing, namely: I don’t like the cold. When I am cold, I am not at ease.  And when I am not at ease, I can not think straight in photographic sense.

All good reasons to ‘just’ relax and cocoon in winter. I love cocooning. And hey, I do have to regain my energy for the upcoming spring. Also so many pictures are waiting to be edited. It’s a good thing I love editing while cocooning and relaxing…

Winter time is also the perfect time for presenting my work to the outer world. In order to protect my much beloved ‘resting’ winter period, I only give presentations sparingly. After all, they cost me lots of energy and nerves. The Dutch photoclub VNF NoordWest Overijssel en Flevoland has asked me to give a presentation last Tuesday 12th of February. I did enjoy the evening and judging the reactions of the visitors, they did too. Mission accomplished!

All pictures are taken by Edwin Giesbers.